How Design Thinking can Reshape your Business Model?

As the world continues to change, business leaders are challenged with making important decisions. Decisions that are a part of a highly dynamic business environment and crucial for the existing business model. Moreover, social distancing and mandatory shut-downs have put unprecedented strains on businesses. While some businesses are harnessing digital and successfully engaging with their clients, many large and complex enterprises are struggling. They are unable to adapt to the rising customer expectations, rise in demand, change in logistics from internal or external sources. In this article, we explain how Design thinking can transform the way business leaders reshape the business model.

How design thinking works in a business ?

Design Thinking is a human centric approach that integrates customer emotion and empathy. It improves customer experiences into an executable prototype and enables cross-functional activities. It builds an end-end process to serve a specific business outcome. A common misconception is that Design thinking is common sense. Adopting design thinking to solve problems will prepare leaders to discover the hidden elements and ambiguities around an idea. They can uncover faulty assumptions before executing an untested idea; and further, make smarter choices for the business. It is good business sense to bring in an extra layer of thinking around customer experience, or what the customer is expecting.

There are many examples of companies that use design thinking in their day-to-day operations. Apple, for instance, overpowered their competitors Nokia and Blackberry by developing their phones keeping in mind not just the basic purpose of their devices but in a way, that enhances user experience and exceeds user expectation.

Why ‘design thinking’?

Organisations need to embrace design thinking with the future vision in mind. In a business model, this approach focuses not just in technology but how the technology enables user adoption and vision of the future. A business can consider incorporating virtual reality into their e-commerce not because it is an emerging technology but because it allows the company to engage with their customers remotely.

This is the time for the organisation to come together to solve problem, ideate and create solutions. This will reflect the new way of being for the organisation. The key factors are to make sure that effective collaboration and brainstorming is facilitated to ensure innovation. One of the biggest barriers in an organisation is the corporate culture. Breaking this barrier will lead to a better understanding of the human side of change. Ultimately the development of a strategic plan.

Now more than ever, businesses must be resilient. They need to be unified and strategic, and they need to act fast. Design thinking lays the groundwork for ways to drive customer value, employee satisfaction and market opportunity. If you are looking to accelerate your digital and organizational transformation now is the time. For more information, comment below or feel free to contact us and we can help you out.

Originally published at on September 4, 2020.




We are global Brand Technology company providing Brand Consulting and Digital Transformation solutions, to drive business growth & revenue.

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We are global Brand Technology company providing Brand Consulting and Digital Transformation solutions, to drive business growth & revenue.

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